All our BBQ is smoked between 225-275°F over locally sourced woods.

All our BBQ is Gluten Free.

Craft BBQ Meats

BEEF brisket

Our most popular, meticulously selected, trimmed, seasoned and smoked beef brisket.

$12.00 (1/2#)

Pulled pork

Tender pork shoulder, falling apart, and tossed in our Carolina-style vinegar sauce.

$9.00 (1/2#)

Chicken DARKS

Leg and Thigh, slow smoked, slathered in our Tangy sauce for that perfect “sticky” chew.

$8.00 each

St. Louis ribs

Meaty, satisfying pork spare ribs – cut St. Louis style, and slathered in either our Tangy or Tipsy sauce.

$22.00 (1/2 rack)


Point end of the brisket, basted in our Tipsy sauce and returned to the smoker until they’re meat candy perfection. Nothing better. Limited supplies.

(Special only. Coming soon)

Texas Hot links

Made from 50/50 beef and pork, and tossed with our secret seasoning blend, these smokey boys have the right kick of heat, and perfect “snap” to the casing.

$8.00 each

Southern Sides


Green and red cabbage, shredded carrot, tossed in our light, sweet, lemony dressing.

Jalapeño mac & cheese

Our #1 side dish! Loaded with rich cheeses, in our onion and jalapeño sauce. Not actually spicy.

Collard greens

The most quintessential sidekick to good ‘que. Stewed down, with a bit of tanginess, touch of spice.

pit beans

Pinto beans, with scraps of brisket. Savory, satisfying, starchy goodness.

red skin potato salad

With our creamy sauce, fresh green onions, bacon, egg, and paprika. Perfect cold side.


banana puddin’

Scratch puddin’ made from real banana. Forget everything you think you know.

seasonal cobbler

Perfect southern cobblers, featuring in-season fruit, made with our homemade cornbread batter.

Add Ons


What southern meal would be complete without it?!Served with whipped honey butter.

$5.00 (1/2 dozen)

Jar o’ sauce

Any of our sauces or dressings, jarred and sold separate.

$10.00 each

jar o’ pickles

Get our pickles, onions, or okra pickled, jarred, and sold separate.

$10.00 each